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Innovation at scale

With more than 165,000 people worldwide, Optum combines technology, data and expertise to improve health care.

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Innovation to move health care forward

Thanks to millions of touchpoints and our relationships across the health care system, Optum understands how the world of technology connects to the world of health.  

By bringing together deep industry expertise with diverse data sets, advanced analytics and emerging technology, we help simplify industry processes and deliver actionable insights to support health leaders and professionals.

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AI in health care

We advance the responsible application of artificial intelligence (AI) to help people live healthier lives and make the health system work better for everyone.

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Genomic medicine offers potential for prevention

Our vision is to identify those at high risk of specific chronic diseases, long before they become ill. Using our novel deep learning methods we are developing ways to proactively maintain a person’s health by early intervention — ahead of the onset of disease — when such conditions may be treatable. 

By combining a given person’s genetic variants with their behavioural and clinical data and applying our expertise in data science, we can predict risk over time. These insights can result in improved, long-term outcomes for everyone. 

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Improving health outcomes and lowering costs

Our clinical analytics platform and unmatched data foundation support population health goals across diverse technical environments. We can help government and health care leaders manage risk and improve health services for citizens. Our advanced predictive models analyse claims, clinical, socio-demographic and care management data to stratify population risk and develop focused strategies. Our analytics foundation includes: 

  •  Secure, clinical data of nearly 52 million patients
  •  20 years of longitudinal claims data
  •  Claims data covering more than 180 million lives
  •  Robust socio-demographic and care management data
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Protecting health information

Optum is committed to helping implement strong cybersecurity and data protection practices designed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information systems and assets. The need for world-class data security has never been greater and we have extensive experience deploying leading security solutions to help our clients stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats and risks to their data.

Our information security approach includes integrated cyber defense capabilities that are constantly evolving to respond to new threats. We proactively seek out vulnerabilities in the system by simulating cyberattacks, which yields insights that strengthen our security and improve threat recognition and response. 

As one of the largest health care organisations in the world, we embrace the challenge of protecting the confidentiality, availability and integrity of our information systems and our clients’ most important asset — their data.