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Welcome to Optum Ireland


Optum connects the brightest people, places and ideas across the health care ecosystem to create better care.


Using technology to improve health outcomes

At Optum Ireland, we are proud to be a long-standing contributor to the Irish economy and community. We have been supporting global health care systems from Ireland for more than 20 years and employ nearly 1,600 people. 

From our offices in Letterkenny and Dublin, we discover new ways to make a difference to people’s health across the world, through technology. 



How you can make a difference

We’ve created a working culture at Optum Ireland that helps our team members to do their best work, offering chances to progress and develop their careers and promising interesting challenges. Watch this video to learn more about us.

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Health is more than a national issue.

It's a human need.

It knows no borders, no boundaries.

We're a connected group 

committed to modernising the health system

in a socially conscious way

for one person at a time.

The experience of a

sick person is the same

anywhere in the world, in

terms of the thought process

that you go through.

The human experience remains the same

at the centre of every story.

And it's about putting

yourself in their shoes.

People here naturally

want to make the connection

between the work that they

do and how that actually

impacts an individual,

making that story that

end-to-end solution.

That's where the excitement is.

Ireland traditionally

is known as the land

of saints and scholars.

We've had to find ways to

be distinctive in terms

of how we express ourselves.

And I think storytelling

is often the way that

we choose to do that.

All the problems globally are the same.

They're access, they're

quality, they're cost.

And you get to experience

that here and you can bring

some of those changes across the globe.

Our team's really focused on

the full breadth of solutions.

We have the opportunity to

personalise the outcomes,

to personalise the medicine,

to personalise the treatment,

to personalise the way the

company interacts with them.

That is new, that is happening.

Every single one of

those records is a person.

At the end of the day, it's

about understanding somebody's

journey that makes the difference.

And that's what we try to focus on.

We really are at the

leading edge of understanding

emerging tech,

which is critical for

us to actually be able to act

on the enterprise strategy

and really bring some of

these consumer experiences to life. The primary goal is to

apply artificial intelligence

and machine learning

on that data to detect

what signatures or patterns

are in the medical histories

of people who are likely

to get these diseases.

By better predicting the

likelihood that a given

patient will develop a certain disease,

we're naturally focusing

back on the individual.

We have a disease progression model.

Basically, it tells us if

the disease is getting worse

or better, that actually

helps us predict the volume

of drugs that might come our way.

Better predict what drugs

are coming your way,

set better prices and drive outcomes.

We're using AI to help

make the claims and payment

management more efficient,

automating document processing,

voice-assisted technology.

It's not here to replace a provider,

it's here to give them the

tools and the information

that they need when they need it,

to make a difference in

the lives of patients.

And that's a really rewarding

thing to be able to do.

You've actually made

a difference to a person

and their family and their life.

That's the connection between

massive volumes of data

and thinking about things

from one person at a time.

Working in a company

that has aspirations to be

the best at what they do,

that's what drives people.

Solving problems and having

the best people with you

trying to solve those problems.

You can't beat that.

There are people who are

actually able to not only

look at the data and understand it,

but analyse it and express it in a way

that others understand.

And that's, I suppose, that's the gift of a great storyteller.



​Each day we strive to shape a health care system that works better for your whole health.


Welcoming local charities to our Windyhall campus

Social responsibility

Through corporate donations and employee volunteering efforts we support dozens of amazing Irish charities.

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Health care innovation

As an Innovation Hub, we use tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning to help solve health problems.

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